Dominate your Market... It’s easier than you think.


What you may not know is that a few, savvy local phone carriers have been scooping up all the really great local numbers, numbers like 777-7777, 800-8000, 200-000 and others. We can get these for you.


Once these blockbuster numbers are claimed by the enterprising attorneys and local businesses, everyone else will be watching from the sidelines.


There are many benefits of a great local number:


  • Recognition at a Glance
  • Flawless Recall and Referrals
  • Higher credibility
  • Stand Out in a Crowd
  • Faster and Easier to Dial
  • Brandable Number
  • Get a 20-30% lift in Response
  • Cutting-edge, Business Texting: “Call or Text”


And you get to KEEP your existing number!


Don’t miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime. Call Loren at 1-800-Go-Local (800-465-6225) or Loren@800.net



Give up my number? Are you crazy!


Your competition will continue to use lame numbers and here’s why: they are under the misperception that they need to give up their existing number to add a new one like 888-8888. Of course not!


Why would you give up the number you’ve used for years! Rather, you just convert your advertisement to your new, text-enabled number.